Steve Leonard

About Me

I am a married Scottish computer programmer living and working in London. My main career is a contract IT developer in the city, but I also maintain a number of web sites on a part-time basis. I have created a page to give free Web Design and Promotion Advice.

Sonya Leonard creates fused glass jewellery using dichroic glass, art glass and Sterling silver. Sonya Leonard's website contains details of craft fairs she will attend and photographs of her fused glass jewellery. It is written in HTML, PHP with a MySQL backend and uses CSS and javascript. It replaces Sonya Leonard's old web site.

I intend this website to allow people to search for football teams to join, search for extra football players or to help organise football teams. It currently shows the rules of football and the 5-a-side rules as placeholders.

My first web site. This is a light-hearted recipe site that contains over 80 simple recipes. It is quite a simple site using HTML, CSS, server-side includes and a little javascript.

The project from my MSc at City University- a java app used to study social networks in Usenet groups. The web page is just HTML, but the app uses various java technologies, including Swing and Hibernate.

Site that was used for my wedding plans. Simple site using HTML.

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